Our four pillars

Four Pillars Four Pillars

At the University of Miami, we are fortunate to have a world-class health system in UHealth and the very best minds in public health guiding our plan. Based on guidance from public health and government agencies, seven multi-disciplinary committees have developed our plan, which is rooted in four pillars.

Testing, tracing, tele-vigilance, tracking, and teamwork

It is important that all faculty, staff, and students, as well as vendors and campus guests, share the same values and behaviors in protecting the health of the University community. All faculty, staff, and students will be required to complete a new community module, which will introduce these shared behaviors and values, as well as an online COVID-19 screening tool, prior to returning to campus. Once on campus, any member of the University community who experiences COVID-19 or influenza-like symptoms will be required to undergo a COVID-19 test. The University will conduct contact tracing for any confirmed cases, and COVID-19-positive individuals will be required to self-isolate. Spaces are being designated on campus for self-isolation of students who live in on-campus housing, and systems to track disease prevalence and evolution are being developed.

Cleaning and disinfecting

The University will conduct deep cleaning of all campus spaces regularly and with enhanced protocols and increased frequency, and is increasing the number of hand-sanitizer and disinfecting-wipe stations located throughout campuses. Signage also is being installed to remind individuals to wash their hands frequently and clean personal items, such as keyboards, desks, and phones, before and after each use.

Protecting personal space

The University is reengineering spaces to allow for and promote physical distancing, adding signage to help individuals practice it, and installing wellness shields at reception and point-of-sale locations. Masks or face coverings will be required in public areas or when six feet of separation between individuals cannot be guaranteed. Telecommuting will continue to be a primary arrangement for many staff to minimize the number of individuals working in areas simultaneously.


Collectively, we have a shared responsibility to safeguard the health of all members of our community. Students, faculty, and staff on all campuses will be required to receive the seasonal flu vaccine, as is already the case on the medical campus. The University will grant exemptions for legitimate health and religious reasons.