Travel guidance

General guidelines

  • Domestic and international travel continues to be cautioned by the CDC. As such, virtual meetings—versus in-person travel—continue to be the preferred method of collaboration.
  • Travel should be considered when there is no alternative to physical presence. For faculty, international travel should only be considered when it is imporant to advancing research and scholarship (i.e., a special archive not digitized, an archeologic site, a biannual conference without online options, etc.).
  • All University-related international and domestic travel must receive prior approval by the faculty or staff member’s supervisor and the supervising dean or vice president.
  • Statement of basis for the need for University business travel must be included in all travel requests.
  • Personal and/or University business travel, including pre-departure and post-return requirements, cannot interfere with work, teaching, or other University of Miami responsibilities.
  • All travel requests must comply with existing University of Miami travel policies and the international travel checklist (if applicable).

Travel requirements

  • Travelers must book travel through the University of Miami travel portal.
  • Travelers must ensure there are no United States or local regulations that would inhibit travel to, or return from, the destination. Review the current case trajectory at the destination.
  • Travelers must ensure there are no current U.S. travel restrictions or CDC/WHO or country-based advisories (see UM International Travel Policy).
  • Travelers must complete and ensure all University of Miami Foreign Interest Disclosures are current.
  • Travelers must ensure there is adequate accessible health care and health care capacity within the area of travel.
  • Travelers must comply with testing and other local requirements at the destination.
  • All approved international travelers are strongly encouraged to have completed their COVID-19 vaccine and appropriate booster shot at least two weeks prior to traveling
  • For international travelers, proof of a negative test is required before returning to the United States. This requirement is subject to change with little or no notice. Visit the CDC quarantine and isolation website for the latest information.
  • Based on the current state of the pandemic, the University may require testing or quarantine following travel.  Additional more restrictive measures may be required depending on the location and length of travel and are subject to change.
  • Travelers must comply immediately with University requests to return to the U.S. if University leadership determines the local health or mobility advisories put the traveler at undue risk. Travelers are required to monitor their email accounts or provide the University with a monitored means of contact.

Student travel

  • It is important to have a plan to travel safely and to take steps to protect yourself and others. The CDC’s COVID-19 travel website has important information to help you make a plan and provides tips for different types of travel.
  • Make a detailed plan for traveling to and arriving at your destination. Check and abide by all local and federal guidelines regarding travel to your destination.